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  1. Application shall be submitted on the application form (by post or through E-Mail)on or before the announced date along with the following information / documents:
    • Attested copy of the Applicant’s Computerized National Identity Card
    • Application Fee (Rs 5000) deposit slip / transaction
    • Proposed geographical market (catchments area)
    • Demographics of the city / area
    • Number of schools  in the area
    • Potential of the area in terms of student base
    • Anticipated student growth in the next five years at your proposed campus
    • Total & covered area of the proposed premises
    • Floor plan of the proposed building
    • Photographs of the interior and exterior of the building.
    • Map of the location clearly showing the approach, building location and nearby landmarks
  • On receipt of the complete application, along with the prescribed fee, the The Educare shall conduct a survey of the proposed institution.
  • The Educare , after considering the survey report and all other relevant factors, shall decide whether to approve or reject the application.
  • If the application is approved, Camus Name will be allocated to the institution.
  • No operations shall be allowed till the Campus Name has been formally issued by the The Educare .
  • If the application is not approved for any reason, the applicant may apply for re-survey on the prescribed form


  • Applications must be complete in all respects. Incomplete applications will not be considered and the fee will not be refunded in any case.
  • For information , please E-mail at  franchise@theeducarelyceum.com
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