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For General Information and Queries info@theeducarelyceum.com
For Franchise Information franchise@theeducarelyceum.com
For Academic Related Issues academics@theeducarelyceum.com
For Exam Related Issues exams@theeducarelyceum.com
For Accounts Related Issues accounts@theeducarelyceum.com
For IT Related Issues support@theeducarelyceum.com
For Course Development /Lecture Recording Curriculum@theeducarelyceum.com
For Co-Curricular Activities cocurricular@theeducarelyceum.com
For Jobs Related Information jobs@theeducarelyceum.com
For services, Books , Copies , Diaries , Uniform , Prospectus etc services@theeducarelyceum.com
Country Manager nazirkhan@theeducarelyceum.com
Project Director shahzad@theeducarelyceum.com
Chairperson kiran@theeducarelyceum.com
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