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Homeschooling simply means to educate child at home rather than sending children to public or private school. This movement began in 1970s in the world, because of educational reform. As per recent research More than 1.2 million students are now being taught at home.

Home-school student achievement test scores are exceptionally high. The median scores for every subtest at every grade (typically in the 70th to 80th percentile) are well above those of public and private school students.

The Educare Lyceum, being first ICT based school system in Pakistan is offering Home Schooling opportunities to students from Pre School to Class 10/O Level.

In case of Preschool to class 3 students’ mother will act as a teacher. Teaching material and training will be provided by The Educare Lyceum Head office.

In case of Class 4 to 10th/Level students, parents will be responsible to arrange internet connection and computer/tablet /android cell phone. Teaching learning material and Online Teachers will be provided by the Head Office.

Mode of Education.

Soft copy of the books/ teaching material will be provided by the Head Office. Trained, and Skilled teachers will deliver lectures online through Learning Management System (LMS). It will be live lecture with option of real time question answer facility. Student will be given assignments and Quizzes time to time.

Exams: Final Exam will be conducted by Educare Testing Board (ETB)

Student Status: Home Schoolers will be the regular student of The Educare Lyceum Head Office and student ID cards will be issued to them. They may participate co-curriculum activities along with The Educare Lyceum campus-based students. They will be provided student certificate by the Head Office when required.

How to Apply for Admission:

Applicant /parent may visit www.theeducarelyceun.com/online-admission to apply for admission.

Class Registration Fee Tuition Fee Exam fee /Test Session fee Security Fee Total Fee at the time of registration
Preschool to 5 class 1000/Once 1000/per month 2000/Once in a year Nil 4000/
Class 6th to 10th 1000/Once 1500/per month 2000/Once in a year Nil 4500/
O Level 10000 10000 5000/Once in a year Nil 25000


Payment Method:

Fee can only be paid through back transfer at UBL account of The Educare (0366226222855) or through pay order in the favor of The Educare

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